Successful or Not

When determining whether or not someone is successful, one should make a logical decision based on both what they see and experience in that person. Long-term and short-term results, successes and failures of the person and their business, as well as personal life, should all be taken into account. Some people may seem to be very successful at first, but after a period of time, you will find that they are actually not that successful in the grand scheme of things. While a person may be successful in terms of business, they may fall short in other areas of their life- such as their romantic life. People who strive for success in their personal life may see failures in their business life. Balancing success in all areas of one’s life can be very challenging. In order to be a successful person, one must be able to maintain a healthy work life, home life, and sense of self.

Peter, an old friend of mine, used to be the most popular person at school. On the outside, it looked like Peter was the poster child for success. Everyone was jealous of him, including me. Peter was a scholar, a varsity athlete, all the girls loved him and the teachers adored him. There were days that I even wanted to be Peter. After getting to know Peter, however, I found that Peter was not doing so well as I thought. While Peter may have appeared to be successful on the outside, he was struggling very much on the inside, but he tried as hard as he could to hide his flaws from the world. That is why through the eyes of others, Peter was successful, but through his own eyes, Peter was far from it.

In high school, Peter was a popular guy- popular with girls, popular with teachers, popular with the sports coaches. Peter was affluent and thrived academically. He was good looking and girls desired him. He drove a BMW at the age of 16 and was an idol in the minds’ of many. I always wanted to be just like him, as did many others. Unfortunately, Peter had a side to him that differed greatly from the “Brady Bunch” exterior he presented.

Peter was not a nice guy at all and his personality was nothing to brag about. Peter gossiped about people behind their backs and was never loyal to the people that he called his friends. He was arrogant and knew that people envied him- his popularity got to his head and eventually, even his friends began to move away from him, including me. The very things that people loved about Peter were ultimately his downfall. Peter let his arrogance get to his head and before he knew it, nobody wanted to be around him.

In high school, Peter was the epitome of success. He had any girlfriend he wanted, everyone wanted to be his friend, he was athletic, handsome and smart. Over time, however, his negative attitude and poor sportsmanship caught up with him, causing him many failures in life. I have reunited with Peter many years after high school and the successes he prized so much in high school, as well as the qualities I admired in him so much have faded away.

Peter had lost his wife, lost his job, and here I was, doing well in life and thriving in the career I always wanted to work in- life is great for me, but not for Peter. Now it seems like I am the successful person and Peter is the one who wants to be me. Today, I am the proud owner of two businesses, I have a nice car, and a wealth of people I can call my friends. Peter has none of this.

In my opinion, I think a successful person is one who is successful both inside and out. Peter was only successful through the eyes of those who envied him, but internally Peter was a mess. They say that pride cometh before the fall, and in Peter and my case, that is very evident. Peter’s arrogance got to his head and ruined attributes that could have made him successful. Being able to stay humble, along with a number of other attributes can help make a person successful.

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